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Theory of Adventure

SOA Magaliesburg aims to provide programs that are not only fun and adventurous but also educational and practical. To this end programs are all structured around a particular set of teambuilding or leadership skills presented in a short theory session at the beginning of each course. Thereafter each adventurous activity done during the course is reviewed in a small group discussion in order to identify and reflect on the life skills that are highlighted during the experience. These reviews also serve to bring the theory to life and show participants how it really works. In this way participants are able to take away meaningful and memorable lessons that they can apply to their everyday life at school and in their communities. School Leadership Training Programs.

Theory topics include: School Leadership Training Programs.

(Grade 10 – 12) Based on John Adair’s “3 Areas of need”, ACL® presents a leader with 5 practical steps to leading effectively in any situation.
(Grade 6 – 9) The acronym K.I.S.S is used to make leadership at this level easily understandable and fun. It gives younger learners a sensible and easy-to-use method when leading a team.
(Grade 6 – 10) On a similar basis as K.I.S.S leadership, we highlight 4 important aspects of teamwork which will help to build STAR teams.
(Prefect/RCL type groups in positions of authority) Leadership Styles builds on ACL® to help prepare learners to adjust their style of leadership depending on the situation and person they are leading.
(Prefect/RCL type groups) Identifying objectives is easy but getting them done is not so easy. Using the basic steps of ACL® we help to properly define objectives as ways for a group to make a difference in their school. Then we start to establish how these objectives can be realistically approached and get the ball rolling.
(Grade 10 – 12) An alternative approach to how we should be as leaders that challenges the traditional views on leadership hierarchy. Still practical (and also complementing ACL®), this theory can be presented with appropriate Bible scripture references if required. Based on the book “The Serving Leader” by Ken Jennings and John Stahl-Wert.